Quick Facts:

  1. Will has been a Jolteon, Umberon, and a Glaceon in his many years.
  2. He was about 63 years old when he first died. He has died a couple of times along the way after his first death.
  3. His current age is about 17.
  4. He is in love with Moonlight, a Umbreon that has purple rings, and is 150 years old. She works for Darkrai.
  5. He and Moonlight have 4 children, two boys and two girls.
  6. The children are named Tokala, Uryu, Sora, and Sevala.
  7. He was once in love with an Espeon named Aanaa, but she was killed. They, however, had a daughter named Maria, who is a Leafeon. This Maria is not to be confused with the Pikachu Maria.
  8. His father and mother's names are Flash and Maya, both Jolteons. Will used to hate his parents, but eventually, he forgave them.
  9. One of his best friends, another Shiny Glaceon named Glai, is very inspiring to him. He looks up to Glai for help, leadership, and also as a fatherly figure. He even calls Glai 'Dad.'


Will is a always seemingly happy Glaceon, making friends all the time. He doesn't like to fight, but will if he has to. He will fight to protect his friends, family, and even complete strangers that he has never met before. He is almost always willing to help somebody with a problem.

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