• Starr is based off of the randomness of her creator, Star_Meteor_Dragon.
  • Starr has died twice, both times involving A certain blue chicken.
  • Ironically, while she claims to have "found something better" than what she has lost, she tends to end up giving it away to someone.
  • She has "more hammers than a hardware store".


Starr is an insane, pyromaniacal, scartterbrained Murkrow. As a result, she often loses things but forgets about them, claiming to have "found something better". She beachcombs and doesn't take anything, let alone Guild work, seriously. She tends to hammer first, ask questions later.

Past, Present, FutureEdit

Murkrow met Maria on the beach not far away from the Guild, along with Flare. She claimed to have been sent there by Chatot to go check out what was going on. She eventually ended up taking Maria and Flare to the Guild with her. Starr is part of the Exploration Team New Stone, which consists of a Togekiss,(Wingburst) a Frosslass,(Diamond) as well as herself.

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