Ribbon in Sky Forme

Ribbon is a Shaymin in the PMDS Rp. She is capable of PSI and is the only character in the Rp who is besides Lapis. She uses:

Ribbon's PersonalityEdit

Ribbon appears to be hasty and impatient. She seems kind enough to friends, but even then she can be pretty mean to those she cares about. She has been known to have a short temper. She has hated Eeveelutions ever since Moonlight indirectly killed Starr, yet still seems kind enough to Garret.

Past, Present, FutureEdit

Ribbon has been revealed to actually be Paula Polestar. She had gotten a small shard of Giygas' soul after her battle with him at the end of the 1995 video game Earthbound. After which, she became a baby Shaymin in the village Verphona, where she was raised by Mercii and Gratzi. When she could finally use PSI, she accidentally killed her "parents" trying to master the ever-so-powerful PK Starstorm. After killing her "parents", she ran away into the World of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. She was then found by Starr in Treeshroud Forest.

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