PK Flash is a PSI move that's so awesome, only Ribbon can even think of using it. When used, a bright flash of psychic energy is generated, causing a whole lot of ailments, maybe even instant death/incapacitation. It could also be useful for a fast escape. It was originally in the 1995 video game Earthbound. It comes in four stages. Ribbon only knows it up to its α stage.

  • α(A moderately strong flash of light. Not good for much but escaping at this stage, unfortunately.)
  • β(A stronger flash of light that causes the target to occasionally feel strange, go blind, or rarely even instant death/defeat/incapacitation.)
  • γ(A strong flash of light that causes instant death/defeat/incapacitation very often, as well as the usual "strange feeling" and temporary blindness.)
  • Ω(A very strong flash extremely likely to cause instant death/defeat/incapacitation. Anything that sees such a strong flash is likely to go blind for more than a few minutes.)

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